Q: How often do I have to have my dog clipped?

A:  Every dog is different. But as a general rule, every 6 - 8 weeks. During the cooler months, a tidy up (in between full groom) may be sufficient. For some dogs, a full groom is still necessary (poodles, I'm talking about you) in winter.

This coat was well over due for grooming. This can cause the dog much discomfort and a less enjoyable grooming experience.

Nails also cause discomfort if not clipped regularly. 


Q: How often do I have to bath my dog?

A:  Generally every 2 weeks.

Q: What should I feed my dog?

A:  Good quality dog food, not scraps. Encouraging a good coat means less trips to the vet.

Just like humans, dogs needs to keep their teeth clean. Raw bones are a great for your pooches teeth and gums, prevent bad breath and also help with boredom. Lamb shanks are good for the bigger dogs and chicken wings for smaller ones. It's always best to check with your dogs breeder for advice specific to your dogs dietary needs.

"A bone a day keeps the vet away"

Q: How do I stop my dog from being bored?

A:  A bored dog is a naughty dog so it's important to take your mate out for regular exercise. When your dog is tired, it is less likely to be destructive. If your dog is alone during the day, hide treats in the garden/yard or try a sand pit - use clean beach sand and reward them when they play in there.